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June 1, 2014


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Photographed off coast of Malta, Feb. 22nd, 2014


Photographed Singapore Strait, March 2013


CRYSTAL ........?


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NEERLANDIA (Rotterdam)
The first ship photo I took!

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Trondheim, September 26th, 1995

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Recent Sightings this month covers ships photographed on the R. Mersey and along the North Wales coast during May. As usual, the weather has been extremely variable with few days that one could regard as being suitable for photography, but one has to take it as it comes. I think you will find some interesting ships on view, including the one in the photograph below.

Above: One of the few remaining "Friendship H"-type of standard, general cargo ships built by Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries, the Bulgarian-owned, St Vincent and the Grenadines-flagged, PEARL K is pictured on East Float, Birkenhead. Full details and more photos of this ship and many others are to be found on the Recent Sightings page. (Click the photo to enlarge).

For those looking for information on the comings and goings of ships at the Port of Halifax, Nova Scotia, (my previous haunt), I highly recommend Mac MacKay's excellent ShipFax Blog.



Added to this section is what appears to be the hull of newly constructed ship being towed in a westerly direction about 9 nm off Valletta on February 22nd, 2014 in hazy conditions. My guess is that it is a naval vessel, possibly an amphibious landing ship. Can anyone identify? Where was the hull built? Where is it being towed to for completion? To which class does it belong and for which Navy - assuming it is a warship?

Some luck at last! Three ships photographed at the eastern end of the Singapore Straits, close to Penderang, Malaysia, on March 17, 2013 have defied all efforts on my part to identify them. They are shown above on the sidebar. The top photo is of an oil products or bunkering tanker in the foreground of the photograph. Like the ships around it, it is probably in cold lay-up and the hull is extremely rusty. UPDATE: The ship has been positively identified as the URBAN LIMA, flagged in Sierra Leone. She was arrested for illegal fuel transfer by the Malaysian Marine Enforcement Agency in February, 2012, and has probably been at anchor since that time pending the outcome of the court case. No ship of this name appears in online registers and without her IMO number I'm stumped! (The ship on her port side shows the name JEN TANG 32 (could be WEN YANG 3?) and bears the very clear IMO number: 7115323 painted on the front of the deckhouse. According to Equasis the ship with this IMO number and named HER CHANG was broken up in 2004 (Miramar gives the date of demolition as February 1, 2004). No ship called JEN TANG 32 (or WEN YANG 3?) has been found in the online registers. Maybe it is in Lloyd's Register, to which I do not have access. Possibly the ship was purchased from the breakers for further trading).

The second photo is of a smaller tanker in even poorer condition. The name on the bow is two words the first of which is CRYSTAL. The second word has been badly eroded by rust. I have been able to ascertain that she is not the Malaysian products tanker CRYSTAL CORAL by comparison with a photo of this ship shown on She is, however, of similar size, generally similar appearance and probably of Japanese origin.

The third photo is of a ship clearly named LYDIA, flying the Mongolian flag. I assume she is a small tanker, possibly a fresh water carrier or sludge vessel. I haven't come close to making any kind of identification.

If anyone knows any of these ships or can provide clues as to their identity, please let me know at shippicsns AT gmail DOT com.


The first photo I ever took was of the Dutch coaster, NEERLANDIA (see sidebar), with a pre-WWII Kodak Box Brownie. Results with this camera were less than impressive, but they began an interest in ship photography that has continued for more than 50 years. The coaster had arrived at Barrow on April 17, 1959, from Bordeaux with a cargo of wood pulp.

The NEERLANDIA was completed as the MATAR-N for N.V. Van Nievelt, Goudriaan & Co. of Rotterdam in January, 1949, by D. & J. Boot De Vooruitgang at Alphen aan den Rijn, Holland (yard no: 1192). Her ID number was 5248566 and she was a typical Dutch coaster of 400 gt (549 dwt) with a length (pp) of 47.3 m and a beam of 8.2 m; a single screw motorship with a speed of 9 knots. In 1952 she became the ASUNCION (same owners) and in 1955, the NEERLANDIA (owner: Kustv. Reed. ms "Neerlandia"; managers: Kamps Scheepvaart & Handel Marts N.V., Rotterdam), whom she served until 1970 when sold to H. A. Al-Sager, Kuwait, and renamed MAYMOONAH . Her end came when she sprang a leak in the engine room and foundered in the Gulf of Oman on May 6, 1982.


While reading through an old issue of Sea Breezes, I came across a photograph and some details of what is the oldest steamship I have thus far managed to capture on film - the 1866-launched, ex Norwegian Hydrographic Survey Ship HANSTEEN. I took the photo shown on the sidebar on September 26th, 1995, when she was moored at a berth opposite the Trondheim ferry terminal. She started life as an iron-hulled, schooner-rigged steamer, having been completed for "Den Geografiske Opmaaling" by Nylands Vaerksted, Christiania (Oslo) - yard no: 11 - on the 22nd May, 1867. For those interested, a synopsis of her long and continuing career can be found at the excellent web site (entry by the name of D/S Haarek). As far as I can determine, she has a length of 102 feet and is 114, 131 or 166 (depending on source) gross tons. She is currently owned by Stiftelsen D/S Hansteen of Trondheim. Can anyone provide an update of her current status?

UPDATE: John Clark of Portishead recently saw and photographed the HANSTEEN under steam and looking fully restored in Trondheim harbour. He has kindly permitted me to post his photo. Many thanks, John.


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