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FEBRUARY 1, 2010

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Above: CSL's bulker SPRUCEGLEN anchored in Bedford Basin for bunkers and repairs. The appropriately named tug ATLANTIC SPRUCE is in attendence while ALGOMA DARTMOUTH transfers fuel.

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Atlantic Towing's ATLANTIC POPLAR (IRVING POPLAR-96, AMHERSTBURG-75) arrived late last year towed by the ATLANTIC ELM and is now moored alongside the even older tug, SWELLMASTER (246 gt / 1956), at the Harbour Development's wharf. IMO number: 6515344. Flag: Canada (Saint John NB). Gross tonnage: 195. Completed: 1966 by Erieau Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co. Ltd., Erieau ON, Canada. Dimensions: loa: 29.0 m b: 9.4 m. Main engine(s): 2 diesels. Power: 2,149 kW.

The Odfjell chemical / oil products tanker BOW TONE, seen here at anchor in the Bedford Basin, is a relative new-build having been completed in Japan in September of last year. IMO number: 9400394. Managed by Fleet Management Ltd., Hong Kong. Flag: Panama. Gross tonnage: 19,420 (33,624 dwt). Completed: 2009 by Kitanihon Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Hachinohe, Japan. Dimensions: loa: 170.0 m b: 26.6 m draught: 11.3 m. Main engine(s): Akasaka Diesels 6cyl. Power: 7,980 kW. Speed: 15.0 kn.

At the same time, another products tanker, the CHEMTRANS OSTE, was at anchor in the harbour awaiting her turn to load at Imperial Oil. IMO number: 9435557. Manager: Chemikalien Seetransport GmbH, Hamburg. Flag: Liberia. Gross tonnage: 8,539 (13,075 dwt). Completed: 2008 by 21st Century Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Tongyong, S. Korea. Dimensions: loa: 128.6 m b: 20.4 m. Main engine(s): STX-MAN 6 cyl. Power: 4,440 kW. Speed: 14.0 kn.

Straying for the first time this winter from the St. Lawrence Seaway was the products tanker MARIA DESGAGNES (KILCHEM ASIA-99). IMO number: 9163752. Managed by Desgagnes Tanker, Quebec. Flag: Canada (Quebec). Gross tonnage: 8,848 (14,355 dwt). Completed 1993 by Qiu Xin Shipyard, Shanghai, P. R. China. Dimensions: loa: 120.0 m b: 21.0 m draught: 9.0 m. Main engine(s): MAN-B&W 6 cyl. Power: 6150 kW. Speed: 14.0 kn.

On the larger scale, another Canadian registered tanker, KOMETIK, discharged crude early in the month, presumably from Newfoundland's Hibernia oil field. IMO number: 9131876. Managed by Canship Ugland, St. John's; owned by ExxonMobil Canada Hibernia Co. Ltd. Flag: Canada (St. John's NL). Gross tonnage: 76,216 (126,647 dwt). Completed 1997 by Samsung Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., Koje, S. Korea. Dimensions: loa: 271.8 m b: 46.0 m draught: 15.3 m . Main engine: 2 x Hyundai MAN-B&W 7 cyl diesels, twin screws. Power: 18,984 kW. Speed: 14.5 knots.








A rare visitor to Autoport was Wilhelmsen Lines Ro-Ro Cargo / Vehicles Carrier TARAGO. In fact, I don't remember this version of the name having visited before, but the previous ship with the name used to frequent the port on Wilhelmsen's Europe - North America - Australasia service in the 1990s . IMO number: 9191321. Managed by Wilhelmsen Ship Management AS, Lysaker, Norway. Flag: Norway (Tonsberg). Gross tonnage: 67,140 (39,516 dwt) - Cars: 5496. Completed: 2000 by Daewoo H.I. Co. Ltd., Okpo, S. Korea. Dimensions: loa: 240.6 m b: 32.3 m draught: 12.0 m. Main engine(s): MAN-B&W 8 cyl. Power: 20,960 kW. Speed: 20.0 kn. She is a good deal longer with fewer decks than the usual vehicle carriers that dock at Autoport.

JUMBO VISION is the first of Jumbo's heavy load carriers to have docked for quite a while. They usually transport locomotives built in Canada to Europe, but I didn't see any awaiting loading on the day I took this photo. IMO number: 9153642. Managed by Jumbo Shipping Co. SA, Geneva, Switzerland. Flag: Netherlands (Rotterdam). Gross tonnage: 7,966 (6,993 dwt) - cranes: 2 x 400 t Huisman-Itrec. Completed: 2000 by Madenci Gemi Sanayii, Karendeniz Eregli, Turkey. Dimensions: loa: 110.5 m b: 20.8 m draught: 7.7 m. Main engine(s): Hyundai MAN-B&W 7 cyl. Power: 4,900 kW. Speed: 14.5 kn.

Canada Steamship Line's SPRUCEGLEN (ex FRASER-02, FEDERAL FRASER-01, FEDERAL ST. LOUIS-91, SELKIRK SETTLER-91) arrived in Bedford Basin for bunkers from the ALGOMA DARTMOUTH and minor repairs on the 28th and sailed later the same day for New Orleans. IMO number: 8119261. Manager: V Ships Canada Inc., Montreal. Flag: Canada (Montreal). Gross tonnage: 22,388 (36,146 dwt). Completed: 1983 by Govan Shipbuilders Ltd., Govan, UK. Dimensions: loa: 222.5 m b: 23.1 m. Main engine(s): Clark Hawthorn Sulzer 4 cyl. Power: 8,160 kW. Speed: 12.0 kn.

Departing Halterm for Havana in rare sunshine on January 28th was the small, German container ship TEVAL, operating for Melfi Line's following the company's return to the port in December. IMO number: 9081734. Managed by XSM Cross Ship Management GmbH, Bremen. Flag: Malta (Valletta). Gross tonnage: 14,865 (20,140 dwt) - 1,388 TEUs. Completed 1994 by Kvaerner Warnow Werft GmbH, Rostock, Germany. Dimensions: loa: 167.2 m b: 25.0 m draught: 9.8 m. Main engine(s): Dieselmotorenwerk Rostock GmbH 7 cyl. Power: 11,130 kW. Speed: 12.0 kn.

Arriving on the same day just after sunset was Wallenius Wilhelmsen's vehicles carrier MANON, a true PCTC, unlike the TARAGO. IMO number: 9179725. Flag: Sweden (Stockholm). Gross tonnage: 67,264 (28,360 dwt) - car capacity: 7,194. Completed 1999 by Daewoo Heavy Industries Ltd., Okpo, S. Korea. Dimensions: loa: 227.9 m b: 32.3 m draught: 9.5 m. Main engine: MAN-B&W 8 cyl. Power: 14,700 kW. Speed: 20.5 kn. Like most of her sister-ships, she was lengthened by 28.8 m in 2005 at the Hyundai Vinashin Shipyard in Vietnam.








Three similar Irving Oil products tankers were regulars at the Oil Refinery during the 1990s. One of them, the IRVING ARCTIC, was the oldest of the trio; the others were IRVING CANADA (22,233 gt / 1981) and IRVING ESKIMO (23,377 gt / 1980). The IRVING ARCTIC was sold in 2002 as the ARCTICA and was later renamed TICA, the name she carried to Alang breakers in March of that year. IMO number: 7343592. Flag: Canada (Saint John NB). Gross tonnage: 23,207 (38,281 dwt). Completed: 1974 by Saint John Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co. Ltd., St. John NB. Dimensions: loa: 191.7 m b: 27.5 m. Main engine(s): B&W 8 cyl. Power: 12,725 kW. Speed: 16.5 kn. The only tanker in Irving colours likely to be seen loading at the oil refinery these days is the 2005-build ACADIAN (23,356 gt).

Another tanker of similar dimensions I photographed in 1994 was the Greek-owned KRITI CHAMPION. IMO number: 8420270. Managed by Alvin International Corp. of Panama, Piraeus. Flag: Greece (Piraeus). Gross tonnage: 26,874 (45,308 dwt). Completed: 1987 by BrodoSplit Shipyard, Croatia. Dimensions: loa: 194.0 m; b: 32.0 m; draught: 11.8 m. Main engine(s): 6 cyl motor. Power: 9,185 kW. Speed: 14.0 kn. She continues to trade under the same name and ownership.

Of considerably larger size, a tanker with an interesting history, which served LASMO's Cohasset Panuke Project off the coast of Nova Scotia as an oil storage ship, was the NORDIC APOLLO. She was managed by Nordic American Shipping A/S, Monrovia. IMO number: 7390739. Flag: Liberia. Gross tonnage: 89,421 (129,017 dwt). She was launched as the EL PASO COVE POINT in 1976 by Avondale Shipyards, New Orleans, as an OBO tanker. However, she was not completed until 1983, and then by Hyundai Mipo at Ulsan, S. Korea. What happened in the intervening years I do not know. She became the JADE PHOENIX and then the COASTAL JADE after completion, then the NORDIC APOLLO in 1991. In 2004, when owned by Ugland Stena Storage, she was converted to a FPSO and was renamed APOLLO SPIRIT in 2006. Since 2007 she has been managed by Teekay Petrojarl ASA of Trondheim. Dimensions: loa: 289.3 m; b: 42.8 m; draught: 17.4 m. Main engine(s): 2 steam turbines. Power: 30,158 kW. Speed: 13.3 kn.

Considerably larger still was the VLCC, STENA CONSTELLATION (CAPELLA-07, STENA CONSTELLATION-02, HAMLET-90; UNIVERSE SENTINEL-80), shown arriving to take on bunkers in August 1994. IMO number: 7370246. Managed by Stena Line AB. Flag: Liberia. Gross tonnage: 122,199 (273,410 dwt). Completed: 1975 by Ishikawajima Harima Heavy Ind., Co., Ltd., Kure, Japan. Dimensions: loa: 338.0 m b: 54.5 m draught: 21.1 m. Main engine: 2 steam turbines. Power: 29,840 kW. Speed: 16.0 knots. She was sold for conversion to an FPSO in 2002 and since 2004 has been operating off the coast of Angola as the FPSO MONDO for OPS Servicos de Producao, Luanda.

Another VLCC calling for bunkers, this time in November 1995, was the AGIOS NIKOLAOS (AGIOS NIKOLAOS III-09, AGIOS NIKOLAOS-02, UNITY LAKE-95, SAWAKO-91, CHANNEL COMMANDER (launched as)) owned by Marine Ventures Shipping Ltd. Flag: Malta (Valletta). IMO number: 8903246. Gross tonnage: 156,215 (281,751 dwt). Completed: 1991 by Hitachi Zosen K.K. at Ariake, Japan. Dimensions: loa: 328.0 m; b: 57.0 m draught: 21.0 m. Main engine(s): Hitachi B&W 6 cyl. Power: 16,849 kW. Speed: 14.0 kn. Since 2009 she has been managed by Thome Offshore Management, Singapore, as the SOUTHERNPEC 3.








ABC Containerline's conbulker BRUSSEL at Halterm in 1995 prior to the demise of the company in 1996 when this ship was laid-up in Halifax for quite some time. IMO number: 7817608. Flag: Luxembourg. Gross tonnage: 25,599 (41,100 dwt) - 1,484 TEUs. Completed: 1979 by N.V. Cockerill, Hoboken, Belgium. Dimensions: loa: 199.0 m b: 29.3 m draught: 11.1. Main engine(s): Sulzer 6 cyl. Power: 10,952 kW. Speed: 15.5 kn. She was originally designed to carry both containers and bulk cargo. When ABC failed she was eventually bought and converted to a self-discharging bulk carrier with the same name. She was then managed by SMT Shipmanagement, Cyprus, and often visited Halifax to load gypsum. After a number of new owners and names she is now the RAK OMAR managed by Times Marine Survey of Sharjah, UAE and flies the St. Kitts / Nevis flag. Photo 2 as a self-discharging bulk carrier.

P&O's chartered container ship CHESAPEAKE BAY - January 1995. IMO number: 9064748. Managed by Trade Sol Shipping, Hong Kong. Flag: Hong Kong. Gross tonnage: 28,892 (41,730 dwt) - 2,480 TEUs. Completed: 1994 by Flensburger Schiffbau, Germany. Dimensions: loa: 202.8 m b: 30.6 m. Main engine(s): MAN-B&W 7 cyl. Power: 17,686 kW. Speed: 20.0 kn. She is now the MSC LARA.

Another P&O charter, the DELAWARE BAY - December, 1994. IMO number: 9003304. Managed by Peter Dohle Schiffahrts. Flag: Cyprus. Gross tonnage: 30,526 (33,745 dwt) - 2,420 TEUs. Completed: 1994 by Stocznia Gdanska, Poland. Dimensions: loa: 205.9 m b: 32.2 m draught: 12.0 m. Main engine(s): ZPM-Sulzer 6 cyl. Speed: 19.0 kn. She is now the MSC ANAFI.

Anchored in port during the Montreal dock strike of March 1995 was the French-owned (CMA) container ship CANMAR ENTERPRISE. IMO number: 7205843. Flag: Bahamas. Gross tonnage: 28,582 (31,830 dwt) - 2,142 TEUs. Completed: 1972 by Rheinstahl. Nordseewerke, Emden, Germany. Dimensions: loa: 243.4 m b: 30.6 m. Main engine(s): 2 x 9 cyl diesels. Power: 23,413 kW Speed: 18.7 kn. Broken up as the MED NAPLES in February, 1999.

Another ship in port during the Montreal dock strike was Euroline's container ship CANMAR FORTUNE. IMO number: 8408844. Flag: Greece (Piraeus). Gross tonnage: 22,667 (33,857 dwt) - 1,552 TEUs. Completed: 1985 by Hyundai H.I., Ulsan, S. Korea. Dimensions: loa: 187.6 m b: 28.4 m. Main engine(s): Hyundai 6 cyl. Power: 12,667 kW Speed: 18.0 kn. She is now the MSC ACCRA..





Photographed sailing in May, 1995, was the Cuban trawler GOLFO DE MEXICO. Cuban and Eastern European fishing vessels and fish factory ships were a common sight in Halifax harbour in the 1990s, taking on stores and fuel. IMO number: 7010315. Managed by Instituto Cubano de Pesca. Flag: Cuba (Havana). Gross tonnage: 1,276 (1,300 dwt). Completed: 1970 by Astilleros Construcciones, Vigo, Spain. Dimensions: loa: 76.0 m b: 12.0 m draught: 4.7 m. Main engine(s): 8 cyl diesel. Power: 1,965 kW. Speed: 13.0 kn. She was broken up in Mexico in January, 2001.

I took this photo of the very well preserved Liberty (EC2-S-C1) Ship JOHN W. BROWN visiting Halifax in (I think) August, 1994. ID number: 2242289. Flag: U.S.A. (Baltimore). Gross tonnage: 7,191 (10,865 dwt). Completed: 1942 by Bethlehem-Fairfield Shipyard, Baltimore, U.S.A. Dimensions: loa: 134.6 m b: 17.3 m draught: 8.5 m. Main engine(s): triple expansion steam reciprocating. Power: 2,500 hp at 76 rpm. Speed: 10.2 kn (11.0 max). I saw numerous of these WWII workhorses in the 1950s and 60s but very few have survived out of the 2,751 built - in fact only 2 in fully working order, the other being the JEREMIAH O'BRIEN based at San Francisco. More about the JOHN W. BROWN at Project Liberty Ship. Another photo taken in 2000 during a subsequent visit to Halifax.

Postscript: A further ship of the type in more or less original condition arrived under tow at the Greek port of Piraeus on January 15th, 2009. She is the HELLAS LIBERTY (ex ARTHUR M. HUDDELL) and will serve as a museum ship at the port.


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