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DECEMBER 2, 2011

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This month's photos focus on ships seen at Halifax during a holiday in Nova Scotia. Shown above is progress in the construction of an extension to the main pier of Halterm, the south-end container terminal, that will enable two post-Panamax ships to be worked simultaneously. That is when the current economic gloom lifts and growth in the global economy is once again buoyant! Two McNally Construction tugs, the WHITBY and CARL M together with the construction barge CANADIAN ARGOSY that were instrumental in the laying of foundation piling for the extension can be found lower down this page. (Click the picture for an enlargement).

For the latest news relating to the eastern Canadian shipping scene and Halifax in particular, please refer to Mac MacKay's excellent ShipFax Blog and it's sister-blog "Tugfax" accessed from the left hand menu bar of ShipFax. ___________________________________







The part open hatch container ship AFL NEW ENGLAND (ex HOHESAND-11, HOHEBANK-03, SUSAN BORCHARD-01, PENTLAND-97, HOHEBANK-01) operates a relatively new service for American Feeder Lines shuttling between Halifax, Portland (Maine) and Boston (Mass). IMO number: 9134153. Gross tonnage: 6,362 (7,223 dwt) - 700 teus. Managed by Rass Schiffahrt GmbH & Co., Barmstedt. Flag: United Kingdom (London). Completed: 1996-09 by J. J. Seitas KG Schiffswerft GmbH & Co., Hamburg. Dimensions: loa: 122.0 m b: 18.2 m draught: 6.7 m. Main engine(s): MAN-B&W 8L40/54 4-stroke diesel. Power: 5,300 kW. Speed: 16.4 kn. American Feeder Lines intends to open a series of feeder services between east and gulf coast ports using American built ships (see

OOCL ANTWERP is a post-Panamax container ship, one of 10 similar ships employed on Hapag Lloyd-OOCL- NYK Asia Express service via Suez. IMO number: 9307011. Gross tonnage: 66,462 (66,940 dwt) - 5,888 teus. Managed by Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (China) Co. Ltd., Shanghai. Flag: Panama. Completed: 2006-05 by Koyo Dockyard Co., Mihara, Japan. Dimensions: loa: 280.54 m b: 40.0 m draught: 14.02 m. Main engine(s): Mitsui MAN-B&W 10K98MC Mk VI diesel. Power: 57,200 kW. Speed: 25.0 (service), 28.8 (max) kn. Photo 2

Sister-ship ITALY EXPRESS (ex OOCL VANCOUVER-10) operates on the same service and is photographed at the Ceres Terminal. IMO number: 9306990. Managed by Anglo-Eastern Ship Management, Hong Kong. Flag: Panama. Completed: 2006-02 by Koyo Dockyard Co. Ltd., Mihara, Japan. Dimensions: as previous ship. Main engine(s): as previous ship.

Also at Ceres is Hapag-Lloyd's KIEL EXPRESS (ex HANNOVER EXPRESS-07) on the same consortiums Pacific Atlantic Express service linking Europe and Asia via the Panama Canal. IMO number: 8902539. Gross tonnage: 53,783 (67,686 dwt) - 4,639 teus. Managed by Hapag-Lloyd AG, Hamburg. Flag: Germany (Hamburg). Completed: 1991-02 by Samsung SB & Heavy Industries Ltd., Koje, S. Korea. Dimensions: loa: 294.0 m b: 32.3 m draught: - m. Main engine(s): MAN-B&W 9K90MC diesel. Power: 36,510 kW. Speed: 23.0.

Arriving on the same day and heading for Ceres is another ship on Pacific Atlantic Express service but in the opposite direction, Costamare's NEW YORK EXPRESS. IMO number: 9200823. Managed by Costamare Shipping Co. S.A., Athens, Greece. Flag: Greece (Piraeus). Gross tonnage: 54,437 (66,818 dwt) - 4,843 teus. Completed: 2000-11 by Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., Ulsan, S. Korea. Dimensions: loa: 294.02 m; b: 32.20 m; draught: 13.55 m. Main engine(s): Hyundai MAN-B&W 7K98MC diesel. Power: 40,040 kW. Speed: 24.0 kn.

Shortly thereafter ACL's Ro-Ro / container ship ATLANTIC CONCERT (ex CONCERT EXPRESS-94, ATLANTIC CONCERT-87) arrived just after sunset, also heading for Ceres. IMO number: 8214164. Managed by BSM Sweden AB, Gothenburg. Flag: Sweden (Gothenburg). Gross tonnage: 57255 (51,648 dwt). Completed: 1984-05 by Kockums AB, Malmo, Sweden. Dimensions: loa: 291.9 m b: 32.26 m draught: 9.75 m. Main engine(s): B&W 6L90 GB 6 cyl diesel. Power: 20,200 kW. Speed: 17.5 kn.






(file photo)


Autoport, situated on the Eastern Passage, is visited by two of the world's largest vehicles carrier owning alliances, Wallenius Wilhelmsen and Mitsui OSK & Kawasaki Lines. The Singapore-flagged DON JUAN is seen in the above photo. IMO number: 9082934. Managed by Wallenius Marine Singapore Pte., Singapore. Flag: Singapore. Gross tonnage: 55,598 (15,199 dwt) - 5,850 cars. Completed: 1995-11 by Daewoo Heavy Industries Ltd, Okpo, S. Korea. Dimensions: loa: 199.10 m b: 32.30 m draught: 9.5 m. Main engine(s): MAN-B&W 8S60MC diesel. Power: 14,700 kW. Speed: 20.5 knots.

Mitsui's SUNLIGHT ACE arrives in the harbour assisted by ATLANTIC WILLOW and ATLANTIC LARCH with the A.P.A. pilot boat speeding past. IMO number: 9338864. Managed by MOL Ship Management (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., Singapore. Flag: Bahamas (Nassau). Gross tonnage: 58,911 (18,855 dwt) - 5,220 cars. Completed: 2009-06 by Minaminippon Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Usuki, Japan. Dimensions: loa: 199.95 m b: 32.20 m draught: 9.82 m. Main engine(s): Mitsui 7 cyl diesel. Power: 15,130 kW Speed: - kn.

Fifteen years older than the above ship, proving that time doesn't make car carriers any more appealing to the eye (maybe they are at the pinnacle of their evolution!), the CAMELLIA ACE departs as dusk descends. IMO number: 9103180. Managed by MOLship, Tokyo. Flag: Cayman Islands (George Town). Gross tonnage: 55,336 (18,938 dwt). Completed: 1994-12 by Shin Kurushima Dockyard Co. Ltd., Onishi, Japan. Dimensions: loa: 199.53 m b: 32.26 m draught: 9.72 m. Main engine(s): Kobe Diesel 7 cyl diesel. Power: 11,695 kW Speed: 18.5 kn.

Oceanex Inc. of Montreal operates the aging OCEANEX SANDERLING (ex ASL SANDERLING-08, ONNO-87, KONGSFJORD-83, ESSEN-81, RAVENFELS-80) on weekly service between Halifax and Newfoundland. She carries a wide range of cargo including containers, cars, trailers and project items. IMO number: 7603502. Flag: Canada (St John's NL). Gross tonnage: 21,849 (15,195 dwt) - 492 cars; 1,127 teus. Completed: 1977-09 by Sasebo Heavy Industries, Sasebo, Japan. Dimensions: loa: 193.4 m b: 27.0 m draught: 9.1 m. Main engine(s): 2, 9L52/55A diesels. Power: 18,980 kW. Speed: 20.6 kn.

The self-discharging bulk carrier ALGOBAY (ex ATLANTIC TRADER-97, ALGOBAY-94) unloaded a cargo of grain from the Great Lakes and then stopped over for minor repairs. IMO number: 7711725. Managed by Algoma Central Corp., St. Catharines ON, Canada. Flag: Canada (Sault Ste. Marie). Gross tonnage: 24,102 (37,257 dwt). Completed: 1978-10 by Collingwood Shipbuilding & Engineering Ltd., Collingwood ON, Canada. Dimensions: loa: 222.5 m b: 23.2 m draught: - m. Main engine(s): 2, Caterpillar MaK 8M32C diesels. Power: 7,680 kW. Speed: 12.0 knots.

Although completed in 1978, ALGOBAY is very nearly a new ship. She was towed to China where a new forebody was fitted at Chengxi Shipyard, Jiangyin, in 2009-10. At the same time the afterbody was modernized and new engines fitted








Algoma Central also owns a number of coastal and Seaways tankers that are frequent visitors to the Imperial Oil Refinery. One of them is the relatively new ALGONOVA seen here at anchorage awaiting a berth at the refinery. IMO number: 9378589. Managed by Algoma Tankers Ltd., St Catharines ON. Flag: Canada (St Catharines ON). Gross tonnage: 8,009 (11,240 dwt). Completed: 2008-09 by Eregli Gemi Insa Tersanesi (Med Marine Group), Zonguldak, Turkey. Dimensions: loa: 129.85 m b: 19.80 m draught: 7.60 m. Main engine(s): 9 cyl Caterpillar MaK 9M32C 4-stroke diesel. Power: 4,500 kW. Speed: 14.5 kn.

Another is the ALGOSCOTIA seen arriving assisted by the ATLANTIC OAK. IMO number: 9273222. Managed by Algoma Tankers, St Catharines ON. Flag: Canada (Halifax NS). Gross tonnage: 13,352 (18,750 dwt). Completed: 2004-06 by Jiangnan Shipyard, Shanghai, P. R. China. Dimensions: loa: 148.80 m b: 23.76 m draught: 9.25 m. Main engine(s): Wartsila 6L46 diesel. Power: 6,300 kW. Speed: 15.0 kn.

Heading into port as the CLIPPER LEGEND, this products tanker departed a couple of days later for New York as the HARBOUR LEGEND with no change of ownership or management as far as I can tell. IMO number: 9305403. Managed Nordic Tankers Marine AS, Copenhagen. Flag: Bahamas (Nassau). Gross tonnage: 6,522 (10,051 dwt). Completed: 2004-07 by Yardimici Gemi Insa A.S., Istanbul, Turkey. Dimensions: loa: 118.37 m b: 19.0 m draught: 8.22 m. Main engine(s): MAN-B&W Alpha Diesel AS 6S35MC. Power: 4,454 kW. Speed: 13.75 kn.

The Romanian built and owned products tanker HISTRIA TIGER waits at anchor for a berth at one of Imperial Oil's docks. IMO number: 9396335. Managed by Histria Shipmanagement SRL, Constanta, Romania. Flag: Liberia (Monrovia). Gross tonnage: 25,864 (40,416 dwt). Completed: 2008-07, Santierul Naval Constanta SA, Constanta, Romania. Dimensions: loa: 179.94 m b: 32.20 m draught: 11.00 m. Main engine: STX MAN-B&W 6S50MC-C diesel. Power: 9,480 kW. Speed: 14.3 kn.

The Greek products tanker SERIFOPOULO is shown at dusk at the oil refinery. IMO number: 9081825. Managed by the Eletson Corp., Piraeus. Flag: Greece (Piraeus). Gross tonnage: 28,507 gt (46,700 dwt). Completed: 1995-02 by Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., Ulsan, S. Korea. Dimensions: loa: 182.76 m b: 32.30 m draught: 12.22 m. Main engine(s): MAN-B&W 6S50MC diesel. Power: 6,711 kW Speed: 14.5 kn.








The platform supply vessel, ATLANTIC CONDOR, is seen here heading for Deep Panuke off Sable Island. IMO number: 955835. Gross tonnage: 2,334 (3,129 dwt). Managed by Atlantic Towing Ltd., Saint John NB. Flag: Canada (Halifax NS). Built: 2010-12 by Halifax Shipyards Ltd. Halifax, Canada, to the UT755LN design. Dimensions: loa: 73.6 m b: 16.0 m draught: 5.0 m. Main engine(s): 2, Bergen diesels. Total Power: 5,120 kW. Speed: 15.0kn.

Bearing the "official" name INTREPID SEA (ex SABLE SEA-02, NEFTEGAZ-29 -01) but sporting her original Russian name, the impressive tug has recently been moved from long-term lay-up in the Bedford Basin to Pier 9. She is one of 4 "Neftegaz" tugs bought by Secunda Marine (now McDermott Canada) of Dartmouth NS for use in offshore gas and oil fields. Three have been converted for the company's requirements while NEFTEGAZ-29 has languished as a source of spare parts (e.g. she is missing one of her engines). Her fate is unknown at this time. IMO number: 8313829. Managed by J. Ray McDermott (Canada) Ltd., Dartmouth. Flag: Canada (Halifax NS). Gross tonnage: 2,737 (1,382 dwt). Completed: 1983-12 by Stocznia Gdanska im Lenina, Gdansk, Poland. Dimensions: loa: 81.2 m b: 16.3 m draught: - m. Main engine(s): 2, Cegielski-Sulzer 6ZL40/48 diesels, twin screws. Power: 5,369 kW. Speed: 15.5 kn. Photo 2 - NEFTEGAZ-29 is moored ahead of the present SABLE SEA (ex BOA CARRIER-01, ADC CARRIER-01, BOA CARRIER-00, KREUZTURM-99 / 2,341 gt / built 1977-06 by Hermann Sorken GmbH. & Co. K G., Papenburg, Germany) owned by the same company. Note: a total of 55 "NEFTEGAZ" tugs were built to the same basic design.

One of the converted tugs is the PANUKE SEA (ex NEFTEGAZ-14 -01) shown here refueling at the Imperial Oil Refinery on the Dartmouth side of the harbour. IMO number: 8404525. Managed by J. Ray McDermott Canada Ltd., Dartmouth, Canada. Flag: Canada (Halifax NS). Gross tonnage: 2,704 (1,329 dwt). Completed: 1984-12 by Stocznia Szczecinska im A.Warskiego (Stocznia im. Komuny Paryskiej - depending on source), Szczecin, Poland. Rebuilt at Halifax in 2003. Dimensions: loa: 81.37 m b: 16.30 m draught: 4.9. Main engine: 2, Cegielski-Sulzer 6ZL40/48 diesels, twin screws. Power: 5,299 kW. Speed: 15.0 knots.

Another, more extensively rebuilt in 1999, is the TRINITY SEA (ex NEFTEGAZ-2 -98) seen arriving from offshore. She is classed as an anchor handling tug / supply ship. IMO number: 8225486. Flag: Canada (St. John's NL). Gross tonnage: 2,623 (2,860 dwt). Completed: 1983-06 by Stocznia Szczecinska im A. Warskiego, Szczecin, Poland. Dimensions: loa: 82.15 m b: 15.96 m draught: 6.11 m. Main engine: 2, diesels. Power: 7,456 kW. Speed: 15.0 knots.

On quite a different scale is the small tug / workboat HALMAR which is employed in general harbour duties. IMO number: none. Managed by Dominion Diving Ltd., Dartmouth NS, Canada. Flag: Canada (Halifax NS). Gross tonnage: 28. Completed: 1960-06 by Halifax Shipyards Ltd., Halifax NS, Canada. Dimensions: lpp: 13.81 m b: 4.57 m. Main engine(s): 1, V8 diesel. Power: 82. Speed: 10.0 kn.








Since I was last in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick-based Atlantic Towing Ltd. has become the sole provider of ship handling tugs at Halifax. Svitzer (Ectug) tugs now service the Canso Strait area. Atlantic Towing employs 4, East Isle Shipyard (Prince Edward Island)-built sister-tugs, the ATLANTIC LARCH being one. Details are: IMO number: 9193745. Gross tonnage: 360. Flag: Canada (Saint John NB). Completed: 1999-05 by East Isle Shipyard Ltd., Georgetown PEI, Canada (yard no: 68). Dimensions: loa: 30.8 m; b: 11.14 m draught: 4.78 m. Main engine(s): 2, Caterpillar 3516 B diesels, 2, Aquamaster US 1701 Z-drives. Power: 2,986 kW. Speed: 12.0 kn.

At Atlantic Towing's base adjacent to the Woodside Ferry Terminal, two more of the quartet await the next job. They are the ATLANTIC HEMLOCK and the ATLANTIC WILLOW (nearest the camera with fire monitors fitted). They have the same basic specifications as the ATLANTIC LARCH. Build details are:

ATLANTIC HEMLOCK: IMO number: 9127588 / 1996-04 (yard no: 64)
ATLANTIC WILLOW:    IMO Number: 9192117 / 1998-10 (yard no: 67)

The other tug on duty at the time was the ATLANTIC OAK (IMO number: 9295672 / 2004-10 (yard no: 81).

On November 10th, two of Atlantic Towing's older tugs arrived in the harbour just before dusk. First in was the ATLANTIC TAMARACK (ex IRVING TAMARACK-97) towing the spoil scow HD8. IMO number: 7010224. Gross tonnage: 86. Flag: Canada (Saint John NB). Built: 1969 by Saint John Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co., Saint John NB. Dimensions: lpp: 16.17 m; b: 6.13 m. Main engine(s): Caterpillar 3412E V12 turbo diesel, single screw. Power: 534 kW. Speed: 11.0 kn. Photo 2.

She was followed by a tug some "senior" British enthusiasts might recognize as Southampton, IoW & S. of England RMSP Co. Ltd's, ATHERFIELD, which was sold to Atlantic Towing in 1971 and renamed IRVING HEMLOCK. She was named SWELLMASTER in 1996 and is obviously still going strong despite being 55-years old! IMO number: 5028605. Gross tonnage: 246. Completed: 1956-05 by John I. Thorneycroft Ltd., Woolston, Southampton, U.K. Dimensions: loa: 34.1 m b: 8.3 m draught: 2.98 m. Main engines: 2, Caterpillar D398 V12 twin turbo diesels. Power: 1,251 kW. Speed: 12.0 knots.

SWELLMASTER was towing the 1,287 gt dredge barge CRANEMASTER. The barge was built in 1969 by Saint John Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co. Ltd., Saint John NB. Both the tugs and barges belong to Harbour Developments Ltd. a subsidiary of Atlantic Towing, which is part of the J. D. Irving empire, as are the Saint John and East Isle Shipyards!

Even older than the SWELLMASTER is the IRVING CHESTNUT (ex T-497 -82) seen at Pier 7, adjacent to the Halifax Shipyard. She is outboard of the ATLANTIC POPLAR (ex IRVING POPLAR-96, AMHERSTBURG-75), a relative youngster at 45-years of age. The "CHESTNUT" started life as a US Army "T-boat" coastal cargo ship built for use in the Korean War (see> for further details of this class).

Details of the IRVING CHESTNUT are: IMO number: unknown. Gross tonnage: 63. Completed: 1953 by Higgins Inc., New Orleans LA, U.S.A. Dimensions: lpp: 19.0 m b: 5.4 m draught: - m. Main engine(s): Caterpillar D3412 V12 turbo diesel. Power: 500 kW. Speed: 11.0 knots.

Details of the ATLANTIC POPLAR are: IMO number: 6515344. Gross tonnage: 195. Completed: 1966-03 by Erieau Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co. Ltd., Erieau, Ontario. Dimensions: lpp: 29.0 m b: 9.4 m draught: - m. Main engine(s): 2, Paxman V8 diesels, twin screws. Power: 1,692 kW. Speed: - knots. Bollard pull: 44t.








Two tugs / workboats and the construction barge employed in the extension to the Halterm container pier are featured in the first photo of the above sequence. They are the diminutive WHITBY and CARL M. (ex LOUIS M.-75) and the barge CANADIAN ARGOSY. All are owned by McNally International Inc. of Whitby ON, Canada, and are flagged Canada (Toronto).

WHITBY: Gross tonnage: 24. Completed: 1978-09 by McNamara Marine Ltd., Whitby ON, Canada. Dimensions: lpp: 12.86 m; b: 4.21 m. Main engine(s): 2 diesels. Power: 353 kW (474 bhp). Speed: 12.0 kn. McNamara Marine was bought by McNally, which, in turn, has recently become a wholly owned subsidiary of Weeks Marine Inc. of New Jersey.

CARL M.: Gross tonnage: 21. Completed: 1957-05 by Russel-Hipwell Engines Ltd., Owen Sound ON, Canada. Dimensions: lpp: 12.95 m; b: 4.42 m. Main engine(s): 1 diesel. Power: 346 kW (465 bhp). Speed: 12.0 kn.

CANADIAN ARGOSY: Gross tonnage: 951. Completed: 1978-06 by Canadian Shipbuilding & Engineering Ltd., Collingwood ON, Canada. Dimensions: lpp: 45.72 m; b: 16.49 m. Main engine(s): none.

The Navy tug GLENSIDE (YTB 644) manoeuvres the scow YC601 back towards the Navy Base. IMO number: unknown. Gross tonnage: 350. Completed: 1977-05 by Georgetown Shipyards, Georgetown PEI, Canada. Dimensions: loa: 28.95 m b: 9.29 m draught: 4.40 m. Main engines: 2, Ruston-Paxman AP-3 diesels; 2,Voith Schneider cycloidal props. Power: 1,325 kW. Speed: 11.0 knots.

At anchor in the Bedford Basin waiting to dry dock is the Canadian Coast Guard's largest ship, the heavy icebreaker LOUIS S. ST-LAURENT. IMO number: 6705937. Gross tonnage: 11,345 (4,640 dwt). Flag: Canada (Ottawa). Completed: 1969-08 by Canadian Vickers, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Dimensions: loa: 111.7 m; b: 24.50 m draught: 9.91 m. Main engine(s): 5, Krupp Mak 16M453C diesel generators, triple screws. Power: 20,142 kW. Speed: 16.0 kn. The ship was modernized at Halifax Shipyard between 1988 and 1993 and received new props in 2000.

The light icebreaker / navaids tender EDWARD CORNWALLIS heads for the harbour entrance on buoy maintenance duty. IMO number: 8320470. Flag: Canada (Ottawa). Gross tonnage: 3,728 (1,600 dwt). Completed: 1986-08 by Marine Industries Ltee., Tracy, Quebec, Canada. Dimensions: loa: 83.0 m b: 16.2 m draught: 5.75 m. Main engines: 3, Alco 251-F-16V 16-cyl diesel generators. Power: 5,250 kW. Speed: 13.7 knots.

Moored at the Bedford Institute for Oceanography is the coastal research and survey ship MATTHEW. IMO number: 8806010. Flag: Canada (Ottawa). Gross tonnage: 857 . Completed: 1990-09 by Versatile Pacific Shipyards Inc., Vancouver BC, Canada. Dimensions: loa: 51.3 m b: 10.5 m draught: 4.3 m. Main engine(s): 2, 8 cyl Caterpillar 3508 diesels, twin screws. Power: 1,350 kW. Speed: 12.0 knots.


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