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OCTOBER 13, 2009

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Above: QUEEN MARY 2 and FRAM depart Halifax October 6 in the late evening sun while SAGA RUBY and the small container ship STADT BERLIN wait offshore for pilots.

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COSMOS VENTURE departs Autoport on September 5. At least one of the ships in the service operated by mainly MOL and Kawasaki vehicles carriers that call at Halifax, the ATLAS HIGHWAY, has been laid-up at Southampton along with other similar ships. Car carriers are having a particularly hard time during the economic downturn. COSMOS VENTURE: IMO number: 8600143. Managed by New Asian Shipping Co., Ltd., Hong Kong. Flag: Liberia (Monrovia). Gross tonnage: 46,051 (17,750 dwt) - cars: 4,727. Completed: 1986-06 by Kanasashi Shipbuilding, Japan.. Dimensions: loa: 187.5 m b: 31.0 m draught: 9.2 m. Main engine(s): Mitsubishi 7 cyl diesel. Power: 9,490 kW. Speed: 18.0 kn.

The Greek managed, Panamax crude oil tanker ICE ENERGY took on bunkers at harbour anchorage on September 6. IMO number: 9301732. Managed by Dynacom Tankers Management Ltd., Athens. Flag: Liberia (Monrovia). Gross tonnage: 38,832 (70,300 dwt). Completed: 2006-06 by Onomichi Dockyard Co., Ltd., Japan. Dimensions: loa: 228.6 m b: 32.2 m. Main engine(s): Mitsui MAN-B&W 6S60MC diesel. Power: 12,240 kW. Speed: 14.5 kn.

There has been a spate of US integrated tug - tank barge combinations loading at Imperial Oil in the past couple of months - some I have missed, but one I did manage to see arrive was Reinauer Transportation's elderly LUCY REINAUER (ex- MAY MCGUIRL-02, MORANIA No. 5-00, STAR DIESEL CHIEF-91, TEXACO DIESEL CHIEF-90) pushing the barge RTC-83 on September 10. IMO number: 7304003. Flag: U.S.A. (New York NY). Gross tonnage: 368 (254 dwt). Completed: 1973-02 by Jakobson Shipyard Inc., Oyster Bay NY, U.S.A.. Dimensions: loa: 33.3 m b: 9.7 m. Main engine(s): 2, GM EMD 12-645-E5 diesels. Power: 3,207 kW. Speed: - kn. The RTC-83 was completed by Senesco Marine at North Kingstown RI in June, 2008. Gross tonnage: 5,405 DWT: 11,475. Dimensions: loa: 105.8 m b: 22.5 m draught: 6.7 m. Photo 2 - close-up of tug.

The fishing vessel TENACITY I was seen at Lunenburg on September 22. It is one of a number of veteran vessels of similar size operating from the port as scallop draggers. IMO number: 6719392. Managed by CS Manpar Inc., Bedford. Flag: Canada (Lunenburg NS). Gross tonnage: 303. Completed by St. John Shipbuilding & Drydock Co., Ltd., Saint John NB, in 1967. Dimensions: lbp: 32.0 m b: 8.5 m. Main engine: diesel. Power: 765 kW. Speed: 11.5 knots.

The old side trawler CAPE SABLE, which used to be owned by National Sea Products, has for a number of years been a static exhibit at the Lunenburg Fisheries Museum. IMO number: 6061836. Flag: Canada (Halifax NS). Gross tonnage: 362. Completed by Scheepswerf Bootleiden N.V., Leiden, Netherlands in 1962. Dimensions: lbp: 40.0 m b: 8.0 m. Main engine: diesel. Power: 552 kW. Speed: 11.0 knots.








Following the refit of the US steam turbine tanker BLUE RIDGE at the Halifax Shipyard in June / July, sister-ship COAST RANGE arrived September 22 for similar tratment. She is shown here being secured in Novadock shortly after arrival. IMO number: 7908184. Managed by Intrepid Ship Management Inc., Secaucus NJ, for Crowley Petroleum Transport. Flag: U.S.A. (Long Beach CA). Gross tonnage: 24,348 (40,632 dwt). Completed: 1981-09 by National Steel & Shipbuilding Corp., San Diego CA. Dimensions: loa: 200.7 m b: 30.5 m. Main engine(s): Steam Turbines. Power: 9698 kW. Speed: 15.5 kn. Also visible in the adjacent Scotiadock is the Desgagnes Transport multi-purpose ship ZELADA DESGAGNES (ex BELUGA FREEDOM-09) having repairs to bottom plating after grounding in the Arctic. She is one of a number of similar Beluga Shipping vessels and operates within their pool when not on Arctic supply duty. IMO number: 9402081. Gross tonnage: 9,611 (12,692 dwt) - cranes: 2 x 180 t. Completed 2009-01 by Qingshan Shipyard, Wuhan, P. R. China. Dimensions: loa: 138.1 m b: 21.0 m draught: 8.00 m. Main engine(s): MaK-Caterpillar 6M43C diesel Power: 5400 kW Speed: 15.5 kn. She is Canadian flagged and registered at Quebec.

One of Algoma's new oil product's tanker ALGONOVA arrived in the Bedford Basin September 17 awaiting orders. IMO number: 9378589. Flag: Canada (St. Catherines ON). Gross tonnage: 8,009 (11,240 dwt). Completed: 2008-09 by Eregli Gemi Insa Tersanesi (Med Marine Group), Zonguldak, Turkey. Dimensions: loa: 129.8 m; b: 19.8 m; draught: 7.6 m. Main engine(s): 9 cyl Caterpillar diesel. Power: 4,500 kW Speed: 14.5 kn. She loaded at Imperial Oil and sailed on the 30th of the month.

Knutsen's oil product's tanker SIDSEL KNUTSEN also arrived in the Bedford Basin September 22 and at the time of posting (October 13) is still there, presumably laid-up until trading conditions improve. Flag: Norway (Haugesund). IMO number: 9019779. Gross tonnage: 15,806 (22,625 dwt). Completed: 1993, Astilleros Espanoles S.A., Sevilla, Spain. Dimensions: loa: 162.5 m; b: 23.0 m; draught: 9.7 m. Main engine(s): 6 cyl diesel. Power: 7,860 kW Speed: 13.5 kn.

The Greek crude oil tanker MINERVA CONCERT (ex PAOLA I - 03) is seen her completing discharge at Imperial Oil. IMO number: 9271406. Flag: Greece (Piraeus). Managed by Minerva Marine Inc., Athens. Gross tonnage:56,477 (105,817 dwt). Completed: 2003-09 by Namura Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Imari, Japan. Dimensions: loa: 241.0 m b: 42.0 m draught: 14.9 m. Main engine: Mitsubishi-Sulzer 7RTA58T diesel. Power: 11,547 kW. Speed: 15.0 knots.

Most of the cruise ships visiting this season are the same as last year with a few notable exceptions. One of the "regulars" is Norwegian Cruise Line's NORWEGIAN DAWN which has made four calls this fall. Flag: Bahamas (Nassau). IMO number: 9195169. Gross tonnage: 92,250 - passengers: 2,224. Completed: 2002-12, Jos. L. Meyer Werft, Papenburg, Germany. Dimensions: loa: 294.1 m; b: 32.2 m; draught: 8.5 m. Main engine(s): 4, MAN-B&W 14V48/60 diesels, twin ABB pods. Power: 58,800 kW Speed: 25.0 kn.








Cunard's newest cruise ship QUEEN VICTORIA paid her inaugural call at Halifax on October 2. IMO number: 9320556. Flag: United Kingdom (Southampton). Gross tonnage: 90,049 - passengers: 2,014. Completed: 2007-11by Fincantieri Navale Italiani S.p.A., Porto Maghera, Italy. Dimensions: loa: 294.0 m b: 32.20 m draught: 7.90 m. Main engine(s): 4, Sulzer 16ZAV40S and 2, 12ZAV40S diesels; twin ABB pods. Power: 63,360 kW. Speed: 22.0 kn

Four days later, fleet-mate QUEEN MARY 2 visited for the fifth year in succession on what was one of the busiest days of the season with 6 cruise ships in port (including the ex-Cunarder SAGA RUBY, ex-CARONIA, which arrived late evening). IMO number: 9241061. Flag: United Kingdom (Southampton). Gross tonnage: 148,528 - passengers: 2,620. Completed: 2003-12 by Chantiers de l'Atlantique, St. Nazaire, France. Dimensions: loa: 345.0 m b: 41.0 m draught: 10.0 m. Main engine(s): 2, GE Marine LM 2500 gas turbines & 4, Wartsila 16V46C diesels; triple pods. Power: 110,200 kW. Speed: 29.3 (max) kn.

Royal Caribbean's EXPLORER OF THE SEAS was another ship in port, for the third time this season, on October 6. IMO number: 9161728. Flag: Bahamas (Nassau). Gross tonnage: 137,308 - 3,114 passengers. Completed: 2000-09 by Kvaerner Masa-Yards Inc., Turku New Shipyard, Finland. Dimensions: loa: 311.1 m b: 38.6 m draught: 8.6 m. Main engine(s): 6, Wartsila 12V46C diesels. Power: 75,600 kW Speed: 22.0 kn.

In addition to the "leviathans", three small expedition ships also visited the port on the same day. Amongst them was the ex-Swedish Navy icebreaker, the locally managed POLAR STAR (ex NOORD - 00) taking on passengers for a cruise to Newfoundland / Labrador. IMO number: 6905745. Managed by Karlsen Shipping, Halifax. Flag: Barbados (Bridgetown). Gross tonnage: 4,998 - 105 passengers. Completed: 1969-10 by Oy Wartsila Ab, Helsinki, Finland. Dimensions: loa: 86.5 m b: 21.2 m draught: 6.2 m. Main engine(s): Wartsila diesels Power: 8,832 kW Speed: 11.0 kn.

Another expedition ship with local connections was the CLIPPER ADVENTURER (ex-ALLA TARASOVA - 97). She was originally built in Yugoslavia as a ferry for the Murmansk Shipping Co. and was moored at Dartmouth for some time in 1996 while sale was being completed to Clipper Cruise Line. IMO number: 7391422. Flag: Bahamas (Nassau). Gross tonnage: 4,376 - 122 passengers. Completed: 1975-12, Brodogradiliste Titovo, Kraljevica, Yugoslavia. Rebuilt as a cruise ship by Fredericia Skibsvaerft, Denmark, in 1998. Dimensions: loa: 100.1 m b: 16.2 m draught: 4.6 m. Main engine(s): 2, B&W-Uljanik VBS 740 diesels Power: 3,939 kW Speed: 17.0 kn.








Hurtigruten's FRAM made up the trio of expedition ships -arriving from a Greenland / Northern Canada cruise and leaving for Gloucester MS en route for New York and thence to the Antarctic. IMO number: 9370018. Flag: N.I.S. (Narvik). Gross tonnage: 11,647 - passengers: 318. Completed: 2007-04, Fincantieri Navale Italiani, Trieste, Italy. Dimensions: loa: 113.0 m b: 20.0 m draught: 5.0 m. Main engine(s): 4, MaK 6M25 diesels. Power: 7,924 kW. Speed: 16.0 kn

Meanwhile, the port's more usual comings and goings continued with one of the more interesting visitors being another US integrated tug / oil tank barge combination, the PATRIOT SERVICE (ex SEAN CANDIES - 05) with ENERGY 13501. IMO number: 9117258. Flag: U.S.A. (New Orleans LA). Gross tonnage: 682. Completed: 1996-07 by Bollinger Machine Shop & Shipyard Inc., Lockport LA. Dimensions: loa: 31.4 m b: 9.1 m draught: 3.7 m. Main engine(s): 2, GM EMD 16-645-E5 diesels. Power: 4,580 kW. Speed: 12.0 kn. ENERGY 13501, a 130.5 m barge of 9,787 gt (19,683 dwt), was completed by Leevac Industries, Jennings LA in 2005. Both tug and barge are owned and managed by Hornbeck Offshore. Photo 2 - the tug departing the oil dock with the barge in tow. Photo 3 - the harbour tug POINT CHEBUCTO assisting departure in the stern notch of the barge while the PATRIOT SERVICE tows.

The weekly departure of the small Ro-Ro general cargo ship DUTCH RUNNER (ex- P&O NEDLLOYD DOUALA-02, DUTCH RUNNER-01, NORTH KING-00) with a mixed deck cargo destined for St Pierre et Miquelon. IMO number: 8712075. Flag: Canada (Quebec). Gross tonnage: 2,279 (3,056 dwt) - Cranes: 2 x 35 t, 219 TEUs. Completed: 1988-03 by J. J. Sietas KG Schiffswerft GmbH & Co., Hamburg. Dimensions: loa: 84.0 m b: 15.6 m draught: 5.3 m. Main engine(s): Wartsila 6R32D diesel. Power: 2,250 kW Speed: 13.0 kn.

One of Zim Integrated Shipping's container ships that had previously eluded my camera was the ZIM PUSAN. She is actually managed by Zodiac Maritime Agencies of London, which is an Ofer Bros. company as is ZIM. IMO number: 9280861. Flag: United Kingdom (London). Gross tonnage: 53,453 (66,764 dwt) - 4,814 TEUs. Completed: 2004-07 by Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., Ulsan. Dimensions: loa: 294.1 m b: 32.2 m. Main engine(s): Hyundai MAN-B&W 9K90MC-C diesel Power: 41,693 kW Speed: 24.0 kn. ACL's ATLANTIC CONCERT is heading for Fairview Cove on her port side.

The lift ship SEAJACKS KRAKEN has completed her contract as an accommodation platform with ExxonMobile at the Sable gas field and is now in port before departing for the North Sea. IMO number: 9522207. Flag: Panama (Panama). Gross tonnage: 5,186. Completed: 2009-02 by Lamprell, Jebel Ali, Dubai. Dimensions: loa: 62.0 m b: 36.0 m. Main engine(s): diesel-electric; 4 azimuthing thrusters. Speed: 8.0 kn.


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